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Info Capsules

Info Capsules

Lic. Tania - Microbiology


Dr. Ivonne de León – Obstetrician Gynecologist


Lic. Lineth Dominguez


Dra. Ivonne De Léon – Obstetrician Gynecologist – Typing


Info Capsule – SPOG National Congress


Dr. Edgar Sánchez - Symptoms that we could develop after suffering from Covid-19


Dr. Ivonne - Hemoglobin Electrophoresis


Lic. Tania Romeo - Infectious Diseases


Info capsule- 1st ASPAMER Congress


Dra. Ivonne - Urinalysis


Indira del Nogal - Coordinator of innovation and operational support Laboratory - Neonatal Screening


Bachelor Santiago Rodríguez - Medical Technologist -Hemochromatosis


Angélica de León - Medical Technologist - Molecular Biology


Dr. Arlenne L. Méndez - Human papillomavirus (HPV) and STDs 


Coach Ariel Donato - Vitamin deficiency 


Dr. Alexandra Canton - Allergic Reactions


Dr. Roberto Lewis Barrios - HPV, HIV and STDs 


Lic. Lujany Villamonte - Clinical nutritionist - Celiac disease 


Coach Ariel Donato - Health Profile